kleine dames dokterstas visitetas met voorvak grijs oudrose met print, op voorraad

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Small doctor's bag for general practitioner and nurse

Deze kleine dames dokterstas klein is zeer geschikt als visite tas voor de dames huisarts, medisch verpleegkundige of verloskundige. Binnenin zit een vakverdeling in vier delen tot aan de bodem, zodat je spullen niet kunnen verschuiven. Ook is er een tussenschot met rits over de gehele lengte. En aan beide zijden zit ook nog een ritsvak, een kleine aan 1 kant en een wat grotere aan de andere kant.  Daarnaast wordt er een verstelbare leren schouderband bijgeleverd. Met een sleuteltje kan je tas op slot. De bodem met vijf stalen ronde pootjes, geeft de dokterstas extra bescherming en stevigheid.


Small doctor's bag dimensions:
  • 38 cm wide
  • 25 cm high
  • 22 cm deep

There also is a larger model leather doctor's bag nurse bag available.


Dimensions large doctor's bag:
  • 43 cm wide
  • 25 cm high
  • 22 cm deep

All bags are made in my own workshop in Breda.


Leather doctor's bag

Years ago I started making leather ladies and gentlemen doctor's bags. I learned it from someone who has long been making classic leather doctor's bags and leather work bags for men and women. He already learned it from his father. I was immediately enthusiastic about the model. The bag is sturdy due to the bracket, stands on legs so that the bottom is well protected and remains open, so you have a good view of your things. The leather work bags and doctor's bags that were made were mainly black and brown and then mainly for men. In my eyes it could all be a bit more 'funky'. In particular, a hip doctor's bag, business bag for ladies, was hardly to be found. There were leather doctor's bags, but they generally looked rather classic.


Hip ladies doctor's bag

I decided to design a cool and hip doctor's bag for the ladies GP and nurse, surprisingly in color. So not always that black and brown, but all kinds of colors in surprising color combinations. A leather ladies doctor's bag should have enough space for all the things that need to be taken along. There is a zip pocket in the middle and a side partition on each side. These are stitched into the side seam, so that 4 closed compartments are created in your doctor's bag. All things stay in place so well.


Leather doctor's bag made of residual leather

For every leather doctor's bag small and large I almost only use residual leather. That is, learn that is left over from a larger party. The color of that one skin has just turned out wrong or there is a mistake. Then this leather skin comes to me and I can have the most beautiful leather ladies and gentlemen doctor's bags, with a green feeling. And gone = gone

That is why every doctor's bag or laptop bag is a unique item or made in a very small edition. In consultation, this bag can also be ordered in other colors.



All bags are made of leather. Leather is a natural product and every leather skin will react differently to factors such as rain and sunlight. Spraying the bag with a dirt and moisture-resistant spray for leather ensures that the bag remains beautiful for longer.

If the bag will not be used for a longer period of time, I recommend keeping it dry and away from bright light.

Most bags have a lining on the inside. This lining is made of a high-quality plastic; silver in color. Silver packs light so that the things in your bag are even easier to find.

What size?


Your bag will be securely packaged and shipped registered and insured. Shipping costs are € 15 within the Netherlands and € 25 for Belgium. Other countries on request.


When you have received your bag and it turns out not to be what you expected it to be, please let me know by email and return the bag to me within a week.

Mirjam Zwolsman, Academiesingel 20, 4811 AB Breda

When I have received the bag undamaged, I will refund the transferred amount to your account within a week.