We make Breda!

Nice article about me and my bags on Wij Maakbreda.nl

At Wij Maken Breda you will find the people in Breda who contribute to a pleasant, pleasant, fun and pleasant living environment in the city. From artists to chattel majoors, from tinkerers to cooks and from children to crappy grunts. Together we make Breda!
Wij Maken Breda shows on the basis of unexpected interviews that Breda is a city with beautiful places, where you can eat and drink, shop, where you can see special things and make cool things. Breda is bursting with interesting people. Everyone has a story and everyone makes something beautiful. Whether you are having a chat, a painting, a stroll or music. Together we make Breda an even nicer city.
www.wij Maakbreda.nl is a website of Renée ter Berg Tekstproducties.