Leather backpack for every day

More and more people know where to find my shop in Breda for a beautiful handmade leather work bag. I have it in two models. A landscape and a standing model. Both are underwire bags, derived from the classic doctor's bag. An extra model has recently been added: a leather backpack / work bag.

That is actually the standing model, but with two sturdy leather adjustable carrying straps. Handy on the bike! Much better for your back actually to carry your work stuff in a backpack, because you don't carry a lot of things in your work bag. Laptop, folders, piles of paper. That quickly becomes quite a weight, hanging from your shoulder. Of course you can also choose your own leather for this bag!

But your daily items, such as wallet, keys and the rest can also quickly add up. Often there is a whole collection of things in that bag, such as a bottle of water, sunglasses or a book. A leather backpack is also a good solution for this.

Leather backpack design


Now, leather backpacks can already be found in the shops, but when you put them on your back you will soon look like you are going for a mountain hike! Reason for me to get started to make a beautiful leather backpack. I started from my existing doctor's bag models.

I can now supply both the model with the round bracket and the straight model in a backpack version. The shoulder straps are of course adjustable. Because there is a handle on all bags, you can also easily carry your leather backpack by hand. The bag closes with a sturdy lock. There is a key so you can lock your backpack. Good against thieves!

Inside are 2 zip pockets. Behind it you can safely hide your valuables, making it even more difficult for pickpockets to rob you. Because you have to be extra careful with a backpack. You can of course also choose the type and color of leather for these backpacks at my store in Breda.