Leather work bag

Anyone who researches the history of the leather work bag does not need to go back that far in time. The leather work bag has not been around for very long. Throughout history, people have carried important things with them, but this has usually been with the aid of a pouch, bag, briefcase, box, crate, or bundle.

One of the most necessary things to have with you was money. Keeping money in your hand is fine, but a whole day is almost impossible to do. This is how the money bag was created, which was later also used to carry personal belongings such as documents, tissues and cosmetics. The pouch was carried in the hand or on a belt. The ladies often wore the pouch under the skirts.

Rise leather work bag

In the 17e century, the 'budget' was born in England, a briefcase-like handbag that was mainly used for documents. This is actually the first known form of a leather work bag. After that, many different leather work bags were created. A well-known example of this is of course learning doctor's bag.

The leather laptop bag, today's work bag

NowadaysLeren werktas is a requirement of a leather work bag that it can easily accommodate A4-sized documents. In addition, the leather work bag now mainly serves as a laptop bag. Because the laptop is getting smaller, you also see the leather laptop bag getting smaller. These are often barely larger than A4 format.

Because there is a lot of cycling in the Netherlands, we want our work bag to have a long shoulder strap. This way you can hang your work bag at an angle and you have your hands free for cycling. Another popular work bag is the leather backpack. The weight of your laptop and other items is nicely distributed over 2 shoulders, so that your back is less likely to suffer.

We can distinguish work bags in two models. One model has a flap that hangs over the opening. This model is derived from the 'postman bag' and you hang it over your shoulder. The second model has a closure at the top. This can be either a zipper or a metal bracket, making your leather work bag look a lot like a doctor's bag.