Belt bag: nice and handy!

I introduce to you: The belt bag. A sturdy leather bag that can take a beating. There is a zipper at the back against your body. Behind this you can very well hide flat things such as passports and tickets. At the front is a well-closable compartment for those things you want to have at hand. And certainly not unimportant: with this belt bag you look very good!
In the meantime I have already made a lot of belt bags. They are used for traveling, just like me, or for a day in the city. Festival visitors are also fans of the belt bag. For people who suffer from neck and shoulders it is recommended as a daily replacement for a shoulder bag. And pickpockets don't get a chance.
In my shop in Breda I have 2 models of the belt bag. One model is a bit more 'basic' and the other a bit more extensive. Both are shaped in such a way that you do not feel it when walking, sitting or cycling.
You can choose the colors of the leather for your own belt bag from the large collection I have in the store. I will tailor the belt bag for you, so that it fits nicely around the waist. You will enjoy your belt bag!